2011- until now

Founder cwater

Different projects (selection):

  • Forest excursions: Discover and understand the forest ecosystem
  • Lectures related to water problems and solutions at regional, national and global level
  • Design of a park for the canton Aargau/Switzterland
  • Organisation and management of various events
  • Design of the WaterPriceCaculator
  • Knowledge transfer of research into practice for ETH Institutes
  • Design of a water city label for the VSA (Verband Schweizer Abwasser- und Gewässerschutzfachleute)
  • Support and consulting for water development projects in East Africa for Caritas


2014 – 2015     

Knowledge Manager

Swiss Water and Sanitation Consortium, Swiss Agency for Development  and Cooperation (SDC)

Knowledge management, consulting, education, communication, evaluation, networking for projects of 8 Swiss NGOs in the field of water and health in Africa (Mali, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Togo and Madagascar) and Asia (Nepal and Bangladesh) with the aim of providing local people with clean drinking water in times of climate chance.


2008 – 2010      

Managing Director 

Mountain Water Network, Swiss Federation

Climate change studies. Promotion of cooperation within regional authorities, research and business entities, as well as NGOs and public sector, in different fields of water management, e.g. sanitary engineering, energy production, tourism, waste water treatment, water supply and water protection. Promotion of transdisciplinary projects in collaboration with stakeholders to support regional economic development in the Swiss mountain regions and respond to the local needs in the field of sustainable use of water.  Coordination of studies about climate chance in collaboration with ETH and the University of Bern – modeling of climate scenarios and investigation of the consequences on precipitation and hydrology in Switzerland



Project Manager  „Education and Outreach“

Competence Center Environment and Sustainability, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)

Conceptualisation of integrated and transdisciplinary education and outreach to promote information and knowledge transfer between different disciplines in the field of environment and sustainability in the ETH domain.

2001 – 2006      

Managing Director 

Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center (PSC), ETH Zurich, University of Zurich and University of Basel

Development and management of research and teaching in collaboration with different organizations, such as institutes at universities, industries and public sector in the field of environmental sciences, agriculture and plant science. Promotion of interactions with the universities, industry and the public, joint research and education projects, knowledge transfer, public relations, and acquisition and management of finances.

1995 -2000


Swiss Federal Institute for Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag)

Research activities in the field of water sciences and aquatic risk assessments. Ecotoxocological studies of impacts of pollutants and development of methods for detection of pollution in aquatic ecosystems.

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